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Witherbee Neighorhood
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Witherbee Neighborhood Asscociation
PO Box 5431
Lincoln, NE 68505



Monthly Membership Meetings:

First Thursday of each month at
Tabitha's Life Quest Center. 4720 Randolph Str.
7:00 P.M.

Please enter at the main door.

For agenda look below or
contact the current WNA President for more info or to be on the agenda.


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Monthly Witherbee Neighborhood Meeting


OUR meetings are open to all residents. Membership is not required.


Witherbee Neighborhood Association Monthly meetings are held in the Tabitha LifeQuest Center at 4720 Randolph St. Please enter through the main entrance off of Randolph. The public is welcome and refreshments will be served.


Witherbee Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Thursday, August 1, 2019 7:00 pm
Tabitha LifeQuest Center
4720 Randolph Street, Lincoln, NE 68510

Presentation: Emerald Ash Borer Update; Speakers – David Olson, Forest Health Specialist, Nebraska Forest Service and Adam Klingenberg, City of Lincoln Community Outreach Forester

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September – Meet your City Council Representatives
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WNA Bylaws – First draft ready

New Business

Committee Reports
Ice Cream Social/Pool Party  - August 4th, 6 – 8 pmGovernment Liaison Committee

Emerald Ash Borer Speaker at Witherbee Neighborhood Association Meeting August 1

David Olson, Forest Health Specialist with the Nebraska Forest Service will speak about the Emerald Ash Borer at the Witherbee Neighborhood Association’s monthly meeting. The Witherbee neighborhood, lying in the heart of the city, has a large number of ash trees, both on private property and within the City right of way as well as in Stuhr and Witherbee parks. The speaker will discuss how to determine if your tree is infested, making the decision about treatment vs. removal of the tree, timing of tree removal, and qualifications to look for in hiring an EAB treatment specialist or an arborist to remove your tree.

Adam Klingenberg, Community Outreach Forester, will also speak about the process of removing or treating trees in the Witherbee neighborhood that lie within the city right of way. This is of utmost importance to Witherbee residents since there is infestation of several trees near F & 40th Streets, and the City would like to move on this quickly. Homeowners with ash trees that are adjacent to their property, within the city right of way, will need to make a decision as to what they would prefer be done with the tree. The three options are:  1) cut down the tree, 2) remove the tree and replace it, or 3) treat the ash tree. There will be a cost to the resident if they elect to treat the tree. If the tree is to be replaced, the City will provide a voucher to help cover the cost.  Details of all of this will be explained by Adam at our meeting.


September 8th - 2:00 pm; Walking Tour of middle third of Witherbee neighborhood (40th – 48th Streets) by City Historical Preservation Planner – Ed Zimmer


    Everyone is welcome.


    WNA Board Meetings have been scheduled at 7PM for the second Thursday of January, April, July and October at Tabitha Lifequest Center. For agendas please contact the President or any board member. Agendas will be emailed and change of loacation will be posted here. Reminders of the meeting will be emailed. (be sure you are on our email list.)





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