Witherbee Neighborhood Association

Our Boundaries: 33 Street (West) to 56th Street (East); O Street (North) to Randolph Street (South)

Advertising in "The Witherbee Buzz"

The Witherbee Neighborhood Newsletter

Our newsletters are published quarterly and also available for viewing on our web site. The total number of pages depend on ad sales and we may limit the number of pages per newsletter. The ad space in the newsletter will range between 25 and 35 %. The newsletter is printed in two colors, green and black. Some pages may only be in one color.

2500 + Newsletters are distributed door to door to all homes and businesses in our boundaries by volunteers. You will find them in office lobbies and restaurants. Getting your message to each home for this low cost is unmatched.

To advertise contact:

  • Mary Schwab 402-440-4131

  • John Dzerk 402-205-3463

  • or any Witherbee Neighborhood Board Member,   

Why advertise in "The Witherbee Buzz"?

Because it works!
Advertising that reaches out… via our well designed, informative and popular newsletter…Our boundaries are 33rd to 56th and O to Randolph - an area containing over 1800 households. When you place an ad in our quarterly newsletter you will receive the following:

  • Hand delivery of the newsletter with your advertisement to all households in the neighborhood
  • Newsletters in retail locations in our boundaries and along O street.
  • Very low cost per household delivered
  • Members support those that advertise
  • It's part of giving back to the community.

Ad Sizes horizontal or vertical Size Sq inches Ad Cost

Discounted Yearly Rates

Quarter Page Ad
3.5" X 5"
$ 145.00
$130 each X 4 = $520
Business Card Plus
2.5" X 3.5"
$   75.00
$70 each X 4 = $280
Sponsor I
2" X 2"
$   65.00
$62.50 each X 4 = $248
Sponsor II
1" X 2"
$   35.00
$32.50 each X 4 = $130
Full Page
7.5" X 10"
$ 570.00
$555 each X 4 = $2200

Rates are effective 8/1/2018. We reserve the right to refuse any ad.



Your support of the Neighborhood Association is greatly appreciated.