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Our Boundaries: 33 Street (West) to 56th Street (East); O Street (North) to Randolph Street (South)

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Please, take a few minutes to complete our 2023 neighborhood survey. We hope this survey will help the WNA bring neighbors together to be one voice, united in strength, sharing community awareness and promoting neighborhood involvement. We want to hear your thoughts. We hope to collect new information from our neighbors and develop a fresh community vision of our Witherbee friends, we want to rightly-represent YOU.

You may have already received your Annual WNA Membership Form along with the Survey in your mailbox. If you did not receive them, you can do it here and follow the links to complete both the Annual Membership form and the Survey online.

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The WNA is a resident-led, nonprofit group of volunteers who care about their neighbor’s ideas and interests. Please help us improve and refresh, by submitting your survey. All comments are very important, welcomed, and will be held confidential. Thank you for being a part of the Witherbee Neighborhood and for participating.




Witherbee Neighborhood Asscociation
PO Box 5431
Lincoln, NE 68505



Monthly Membership Meetings:

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For agenda look below or
contact the current WNA President for more info or to be on the agenda.

Monthly Witherbee Neighborhood Meeting

OUR meetings are open to all residents. Membership is not required.

Witherbee Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting

Witherbee Neighborhood Association Board Meeting
Thursday, Feb. 22 7:00pm
Redeemer Lutheran Church, 510 S 33rd St.

I. Introductions & Welcome

II. Secretary's Report: Minutes, January – Jan Swanson

III. Treasurer's Report: James Burton

IV. Old Business:

Events for 2024
a. WNA Cleanup, Saturday, May 4th; committee Mike Kreikemeier, Dan Weslowski & Bryan Hurst
b. Yard of the Month Chairperson: Margaret Indriksons. May, June, July, Aug
c. Holiday Lights, December; committee Mike Kreikemeier, Julie Flodman
d. Chairperson or co-chairperson still needed (deadline March?)
Neighborhood Garage Sales, June (update by Julie & Fred)
Pool Party & Ice Cream Social, August
Annual Volunteer Appreciation, November planning and nominating committee

Woods Tennis Center Expansion
Mediation meeting report (held February 7, 2024) - Mike Kreikemeier
Community Engagement Meetings March 2, 4 & 5th, 2024.
Then Parks & Rec Advisory Board recommendation (possibly in May)
Then City Council vote on Wood Park Master Plan

Government Liaison
Including Mayor's Roundtable report by: Julie Flodman

WNA Facebook update by Rod Lane
WNA Membership Mailing by Mike Fitzgerald

V. New Business
New board member orientation scheduling
Spring Buzz article deadline April 1! Needed Articles review by Kathy Holland
Crime Watch update by Julie Flodman

VI. Announcements
March WNA meeting rescheduled for 3/21 due to a large number of board members attending Holy Thursday services on 3/28.
James Michael Bowers' Northeast Citizens Meeting, Thursday March 21st, 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Anderson Library 3635 Touzalin Ave

Other Business that needs to be brought before this group


Come and join us and share your thoughts and concerns.

Lincoln on the Move
¼% sales tax approved by the voters
Planned Improvements to Existing Streets 2022

Project Timeline: Late Spring to Early Fall

Witherbee Neighborhood
· Frost Drive (36th St) from Randolph to “J”
· 37th from Lenox (Woods Ave) to “O”
· 38th from “J” to “L”
· 42nd from Randolph to “N”
· 45th from Randolph to “O”
· 47th from “J” to “O”
· “M” from 47th – 48th

Total Project Estimate: $1,030,000 Funding Sources: Lincoln on the Move & Street Improvement Vehicle Tax – Residential

Piedmont Neighborhood
· 52nd from Randolph to “O”
· (part of a larger project)
· Randolph from 40th to 56th

Total Project Estimate: $800,000 Funding Sources: Lincoln on the Move & Highway Allocation Funds *Lincoln on the Move ¼% sales tax approved by the voters, April 2019

Reference: https://www.lincoln.ne.gov/City/ Departments/LTU/LTU-Projects/LOTM and Russell Miller, Witherbee Resident and member of Advisory Committee on Transportation (ACT)



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