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Buying up in a down market
By Marcia Murary

Did you know that it is better to move to a bigger home in a “down” market than it is in an “up”, or even a stable market?

Because most people sell their current home before they buy a bigger one, they tend to look at the transaction from the sellers standpoint. They see the loose they will take on their current home and decide it is wise to wait for the market to improve.

But take a moment to consider this scenario.

Your home was worth 120,000 thousand last year. If the market is down 5%, this year your home should bring 114,000, or $6000 less than last year.

Now suppose the home you will buy would have sold for 180,000 before the market slowed down. With the market down 5%, that home is likely to bring 171,000 this year, or a savings (to the buyer) of $9000! So, as the person in the transaction moving up, you have saved a net of $3000! Surprised? It is surprising! Down markets are the ideal time to make your move up to a larger home.

If moving to a larger home is in your plans, call me now! There has never been a better time to get started.

Marcia Murray
Woods Bros Realty


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Links to Government Resources for Home Buyers
As you move closer to homeownership, you will work with realtors and lenders. Many of them will be aware of the various government programs available to help home buyers. Even so, you will be better prepared if you can research these government resources yourself. This list of web sites will get you started:

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