Witherbee Neighborhood Association

Our Boundaries: 33 Street (West) to 56th Street (East); O Street (North) to Randolph Street (South)

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Membership Categories & Dues

Membership is due annually
in January.

Yearly Dues are as follows:

  • Household $20.00
  • Senior Household $15.00
  • Sponsor $50.00
  • Business $50.00


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Why Do You Join An Association?

You Don't Buy A Newspaper, You Buy The News!
You Don't Buy Life Insurance, You Buy Security!
You Don't Buy Glasses, You Buy Vision!
You Don't Buy Awnings, You Buy Shade!
You Don't Buy Membership In An Association….
You Support The Cooperation Of The People In The Association With Whom You Can Join Hands To Do The Things That Are Better Done Together!!!

Membership Benefits:
(besides being in the loop of things)
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Please read our Purpose in the About Us Section[more here]
  • We work hard to protect you investment (your Real Estate)
  • Annual activites to benefit families
  • Household - two votes, one per person;
  • Senior Household- same as Family;
  • Sponsor - up to three votes, one per person; listed in Newsletter
  • Business - one vote as per bylaws, reduced ad costs, listed in Newsletter

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It may be too late if you wait and not get timely information that could adversely effect you. Be part of the network. Think proactive, stay informed and keep us up to date too. Your email address will be kept safe. We are planning to use the list sparingly and send about two messages a month. Click on the link below to subscribe.

Fill in the form fields and click submit. You will get a confirmation email when you have been added to the list. If you have any questions please email Fred Freytag fred@witherbeena.org or call 430-6658. Thank you for caring.

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