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Woods Park 10 Year Master Plan 2004

Area residents are encouraged to contact their city council member and express their feelings about the proposed conversion of the last piece of open park land on the south side of Woods Park and to testify in person at the February 28th Council meeting. If you like to join the us send an

See below for Council contact info.

In the News

Check out the results click on the links below:

Channel 10/11 on Feb 26: Woods Park:

BY JONNIE TATE FINN / Lincoln Journal Star

Neighbors object to additional tennis courts

Council sides with Woods Park neighbors

Neighbors say vote worth 9-hour wait

Mayor to Honor Woods Park Donors September 8, 2004


Master Plan Links (all links are in dark blue)

JPG files

Color map of new master plan (644K)

Black and white map of new master plan (525K)

Before new tennis courts aerial view (181K)

With new tennis courts aerial view (198K)

Text on new plan (117K)


More Links

Process for Review and Adoption of an Updated Master Plan for Woods Park
November 9th 2005

Letter from Lynn Johnson (Park Director) January 11th 2005
Notice / invitation to testify before the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board and the Fees and Facilities Subcommittee.

Background Information on the proposed Tennis Courts in Woods Park

A Neighbors View

Agenda for Woods Park Citizens Advisory Update Committee
Some of these items were never addressed

Notice of Woods Park Master Plan to go before City Council


2025 Lincoln City/Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan

The Planning Department and the City Council take their guidance from this plan. We believe that Woods Park serves a duel purpose to the neighborhood as a Community Park and a Neighborhood Park. In discussions with the Parks Department about spacing of parks in the neighborhood that was confirmed. The links below have defenitions of park types, uses and more.

Existing Conditions
Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (506 k PDF)

Future Conditions and park definitions
Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (509 k PDF)



City Council web page and contact info
City Council Agenda Click on the word Agenda next to Pre-Council Schedule look for resolution 05R-43 it is listed as number 12


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