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Change of Zone #04003
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Change of Zone #04003 will remove the mitigation loophole that allows alcohol sales right next to homes, daycares, churches, or parks, and instead require a 100 feet separation. Supporters need to write, email, and fax right away. Also, plan to attend the City Council hearing on Monday March 8, 2004 at 1:30pm. We need a big crowd to show strength.

The current contains a loophole that allows liquor sales to be as close as they want if they "mitigate any adverse effects". That allows city council members to approve applications for almost any reason. To protect our neighborhoods, this must change!

Here are some facts. (We'll skip the obvious argument: alcohol and gasoline sales are a terrible mix. That ought to be a given.) The points here are fairness, land use, and property rights.

Granting favors to certain businesses is unfair. When council members reward certain business owners with special exceptions, they automatically penalize those law-abiding business owners who choose to play by the rules. It's very poor policy to slowly force good businesses to close their doors. 100 feet for everyone is a clear, fair, and reasonable policy.

Stores selling alcohol right next to homes are a land use headache. The lighting, signage, traffic, and noise are tremendous nuisances. Litter and crime complaints surrounding these stores both increase when these alcohol permits are approved.

These uses drive down the property values of the homes next to them. They spoil the neighborhood's quality of life. People have a right to use their property, but not to negatively impact their neighbor's property. That's why we have and need good zoning laws.

To protect our neighborhoods, the current law needs to be changed, cleared up, and un-cluttered. The loophole to grant exceptions should be closed, and the100 foot separation left as the rule. Mayor Seng has stated her intention to do just this. Let's all get behind her in this cause and stand up for our neighborhoods.

MAIL: Lincoln City Council 555 S. 10th Street Lincoln, NE 68508

City Council

Journal Star

FAX: 441-6533

PUBLIC HEARING: Monday March 8, 2004 at 1:30pm



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