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WNA Neighborhood Clean Up 2005

Sat. May 7th 2005
Time: 8:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
Place for Roll-offs:
48 / 49th & M Street, north side of Hawthorn Elementary

Check back, more to come!

Frequently asked questions:



Last year we collected 7 tons of trash. We recycled 3 tons of metal and 22 tires. Lets beat that! New this year we will have one roll-off reserved for brush. Brush coupons will be available for loads that don't fit in our roll-off.

We walked Stuhr Park, Hawthorne school and 3 miles of streets collecting trash and cleaning utility poles of signs. There are 11 miles of streets in the Witherbee neighborhood. Can we get them all this year?

This cleanup is for private individuals of the Witherbee Neighborhood only. We will not accept items from businesses.

Recycle: Things you can do all year, get informed look in the Alltel Phone Book Community Pages 42-44 and see what you can put in your regular trash throughout the year. Call your waste hauler if in doubt. Where to take used oil, computers, appliances, brush, paint ... A lot of items that can be recycled or disposed of before Neighborhood Clean Ups. Follow these links:

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Volunteers will be needed for:
Bring gloves, the whole family, friends and neighbors

  • to document what we are doing, take pictures, take notes, write a story for the newsletter and the health department
  • volunteers with pickup trucks or and trailers to help haul items for those that are unable to do so.
    Elderly, disabled, handicapped or just don't have a way to get items to the collection site..(You will need to contact us in advance. First come first served We will be limited on time.)
  • to help at the collection site, direct what goes where, help unload, organize
  • to help clean litter around the neighborhood from public areas
  • removing illegally posted signs from utility and light poles


Donate: coffee, orange juice, rolls, doughnuts etc. for breakfast meeting of volunteers prior to starting cleanup.

To Volunteer contact Rick Bagby at 488-8567 or .

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What can I do with brush / branches:

We will have one roll off designated for brush this year and we have coupons for free disposal of brush from residential lots. This is for brush and branches only. NO commercial use. NO trash, leave or yard waste or other items will be permitted to be mixed in with these loads. The coupons can be used all summer. To request a coupon please e-mail us or call Fred at 402-430-6658. We need name, phone number and address the coupon will be used for.

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What we accept or not accept

What we will not take:
but will be able to supply you with information how to dispose of

  • Hazardous waste or liquids of any type to include paint and chemicals, fluorescent bulbs, ballast
  • These Items That Should Be Taken To A Household Hazardous Waste Collection Click here for dates (pdf): Upholstery Cleaner, Degreasers, Paint Thinner/Turpentine, Lighter Fluid, Car Wax, Pesticides, Wood Preservatives, Swimming Pool Chemicals, PCB's Carburetor Cleaner, Bug Sprays, Moth Balls, Oil Based Paint, Furniture, and Metal Polish.
    The next Household Hazardous Waste Collections are April 16 and May 21, 2005
  • used oil,
  • lawn waste, grass, leaves
  • regular household trash,


What we will take for FREE:

  • junk, rubble, bricks, old furniture, lumber
  • appliances: stove, washer, dryer etc. (see below ones with freon)
  • broken fences, windows, screens, picnic tables, grills,
  • old swing sets, cloth line poles, carpet,
  • rail road ties (we need to count how many per roll off)
  • car batteries (click here for place to take others)
  • ?


If it's not on the list please e-mail or call us.

What we will take for a charge: (this list may change without notice)

  • appliances with Freon: $10.00 per unit.
    freezer, dehumidifier, refrigerator, air conditioner.
  • tires:
    car and pickup $ 3.00
    large truck tires $ 6.50
    farm tractor tires $ 11.50
  • computers:
    monitor $ 10.00, CPU $ 5.00, rest free





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