Witherbee Neighborhood Association

Our Boundaries: 33 Street (West) to 56th Street (East); O Street (North) to Randolph Street (South)


Hawthorne Elementary School, 300 S 48th, Lincoln NE, 68510

LPS closed Hawthorne in 2008 to save money?

The Neighborhood fought hard to keep the School open but lost.

Hawthorne Elementary School was built in 1927 adjacent to pastures and with the growth of the city is now located in the center of Lincoln. An addition was added to each of the original buildings in 1952. Hawthorne Elementary is a Kindergarten through 5th grade school. [view in map]

The Panorama below is just one of several to be seen from Hawthorne. Use the roller on your mouse to zoom in and our and when you hold the left mouse button down on one side the image will start to spin. Have fun. Check the link below for more.

For more Panorama Video go [here] and click on More Views.

Click here for more info about Hawthorne a search at LPS [more here]

Click here for a Google search about Hawthorne. [more here]


Arial of Hawthorne School




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